Jose Emroca Flores grew up in Northern Nevada where he spent much of his youth actively outdoors skateboarding, playing baseball, and snowboarding.  He has always been creative and imaginative on paper and outdoors. Building makeshift skate ramps from scrap wood was the norm in his childhood. He’d round up the kids from the neighborhood and they’d skate late into the evenings. He moved to Northern California after high school to play baseball and pursue his art.

Emroca later attended the Academy of Art in San Francisco where he learned to develop the ability to materialize his imagination while strengthening his technique as a visual artist. On his downtime from school, he’d skate and snowboard and started to surf in the cold sharky San Francisco waters.  It was in San Francisco where he stumbled upon his forever two loves of his life: his new found passion for the ocean and his beautiful wife.

When he graduated from the Academy of Art, he immediately went to work as a visual development artist in the entertainment industry in Los Angeles on films, games, animation, books, and advertising.  His original oil paintings were also showing in galleries across the U.S.

Emroca still shows in galleries while working as a freelance artist from his home studio in Oceanside where creative projects and the ocean are close by. He attributes the evolution of his art to his love of the ocean and riding his motorcycle. His inspiration comes from everyday life, personal interactions in and out of the water, and memorable experiences from his surf trips around the world.

Living in North County San Diego has done Emroca well for ten years now and he loves life as an independent artist while creating out of his home studio being close to his new baby girl.  Aside from oil painting on wood, Emroca uses pencil, paper, and digital mediums. It all varies from project to project but the creativity is always the priority.

He's available for visual development work, and illustration.  He is also represented by MB Artists for book illustration.

Clients, projects and name dropping: